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Iowa County Iowa - 911

County Sheriff’s Office

Iowa County Iowa - 911

 Until further notice - Iowa County 911 will be making 911 signs ready for pick up by appointment only.


Iowa County Iowa - 911

 The Iowa County 911 Coordinator is Paige Baetsle.

911 Dispatchers receive and dispatch calls.

Effective April 1st, 2021 Iowa County is requiring a building permit application for new construction outside of city limits. 

There is no cost for the permit. Please contact one of the offices listed to get this process started. 

Uniform Rural Address System

Iowa County 911 Office

911 Office

960 Franklyn Ave
Marengo IA 52301

Phone number: (319) 642-7307  
Fax number: (319) 642-3826

911 Director: Paige Baetsle