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Iowa County Iowa - Zoning

Iowa County Iowa - Zoning

Effective April 1st, 2021 Iowa County is requiring a building permit application for new construction outside of city limits. 

There is no cost for the permit.  Please contact one of the offices listed to get this process started. 

Engineer’s Office


911 Office


Assessor’s Office

319-642-3851 option 6


Environmental Health Office


Iowa County, Iowa is not regulated by zoning laws unless the property is within two miles of any city limit or in the Amana Land Use District. In those cases, the city or the Land Use District would have to be notified. 

There are also restrictions in Lenox Township in reference to the Eastern Iowa Airport, (see document recorded at Book 33, Page 175,

and updated in Ordinance #18, recorded in Book 462, Pages 158-167).

In the agricultural areas of Greene and Iowa Townships. Ordinance #12 in reference to the Belle Plaine Airport,

(see document recorded in Book 330, Pages 191-200). 

Iowa County has adopted Ordinance #32 on May 16, 2008 placing certain restrictions on building in Zone A of the Flood Hazard Boundary map. a copy of the flood hazard boundary map can be viewed in the Iowa County Auditor’s Office.

 If a well or septic system is to be installed, you would need to Contact Sherry Lutz, Environmental Director, at (319) 642-0107.