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Duties of the assessor

Iowa County Iowa - Assessor

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About the Assessor

The Assessor is charged with several administrative & statutory duties; however, the primary duty and responsibility is to cause to be assessed all real

property within their jurisdiction except that which is otherwise provided by law.

 This would include residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural classes of property.

 Real property is revalued every two years.

 The effective date of the assessment is January First of the current year.

 The assessor determines a full or partial value of new construction, or improvements depending upon the state of completion as of January first.

Assessment Notice – Appeals Process *Iowa County has been declared a disaster county, see extended deadlines below.

April 1 – Change of value Assessment Notices are sent out
April 2-25 – Property owners may request an informal review of their assessment

April 2-30 – Period for filing assessment protests with local Board of Review (If the county has been declared a disaster by the federal government, the session can extend until June 5)
May 1-May 31 – Board of Review meets (if the county has been declared a disaster by the federal government, the session can extend until June 15)

Specific Documents for the Assessment Notice - Appeals Process (click on files 1-4 below to open)

1. Petition to Local Board of Review Disaster Session

2. Additional Petition Information

3. Informal Assessment Review Period

4. Adopted Board of Review Rules

Misconceptions about the Assessor's Work
What is Market Value?
Estimating Market Value
Why Values Change
Tax Levies and Assessed Values
Tax credits and Exemptions
Dates to Remember
Things to Remember

Iowa County Assessor's Contact

Iowa County Assessor's Office 

901 Court Avenue

Marengo, Iowa 52301

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 am
Phone number: 
(319) 642- 3851
Office Holder Name: Liz Kriegel

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