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Welcome to Iowa County Sheriff's Office

Office holder Name 

Robert Rotter

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office is a government agency whose primary function is the enforcement 

of laws. Iowa County Sheriff’s Deputies are compensated and have powers of arrest and apprehension.  


Mission Statement
Sheriff Sale Information

Notice of Sheriff's Levy  & Sale

Notices are posted in the Iowa County Courthouse or Information is available at the Iowa County Sheriff's  Office Civil Division, Marengo, Iowa Phone Number: (319) 642-3496


 This list includes Plaintiff, Defendant, property address and date of sale.

 The legal description, judgment amount, costs etc. is available at the Iowa County Sheriff's Office.

 All sales are conducted at the front door of the Iowa County Courthouse.

 Sales are subject to cancellation.

 Clear title is not guaranteed to Real property sold at a Sheriff's Sale

As Sheriff’s Sales are buyer beware, it is highly recommended you contact an attorney before purchasing at a Sheriff’s

Sale as you may not be purchasing what you think you are. The Iowa County Sheriff's Office cannot give legal advice. 

Iowa County Sheriff's Contact

Iowa County Sheriff's Contact - Office Hours 24/7 Dispatch,  960 Franklyn Ave 
Marengo IA 52301

Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Phone number: (319) 642-7307
Fax number: (319) 642-3826