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Board of Supervisors

Board Members

Chair: Kevin Heitshusen 
Phone Number: (319) 330-6304

Term ends on December 31 , 2026


Vice-Chair: Abigail Maas
Phone Number: (319) 530-2952    
Term Ends December 31, 2024


Supervisor: Alan Schumacher
Phone Number: (319) 930-6332  

Term Ends December 31, 2024


Supervisor: Chris Montross,

Phone number: (319) 430-5243

Term ends on December 31, 2026


Supervisor: Jonathan Degen,

Phone number: (319) 330-6928

Term ends on December 31, 2026


Office Address:

Iowa County East Annex

970 Court Avenue

Marengo, Iowa 52301


Office Phone:


About the Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisor Recordings Use this passcode: G+0gdsfg 

Regular sessions of the Board of Supervisors are held at 9:00 a.m. on Friday Mornings.

The Boardroom is located on the second floor of the East Annex, across the street from the Courthouse.

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 Appointments may be made through the Auditor's Office Call (319) 642-3923