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If you need help filling out this application form or for any phase of the employment process, please contact the Auditor's Office, and every effort will be made to accommodate your needs in a reasonable amount of time.

All qualified applications will receive consideration without unlawful discrimination because of race, creed, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, or disability.

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    List employment from the past 10 years, starting with your most recent job. Account for any time period that you were unemployed by stating the nature of your activities.

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    Please list three personal references, other than prior employers or relatives, whom we can contact.

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  9. Chapter 35C of the Code of Iowa provides certain rights including preference in hiring if equally qualified to certain Veterans of United States Military Service. Qualification for these rights is defined in the statute.

  10. Note: A conviction will not automatically disqualify an applicant for a particular job and that the type and seriousness of the crime, the frequency of violoations, the date of conviction, and the applicant's entire work and educational history will be considered.

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    Applicant's Statement

    I certify that answers given herein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision.

    I hereby acknowledge that any employment relationships with Iowa County is of an At-Will nature, which means that the employee may resign at any time and that Iowa County may discharge at any time with or without cause. I understand that neither this document nor any offer of employment from Iowa County constitutes an employment contract unless a specific document to that effect is executed by Iowa County and me in writing.

    In the event of employment, I understand that false or misleading information given in my application or interview(s) shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal. I further understand that an incomplete application or an absence of my signature on this application is just cause for rejection of this application. I agree to employment entrance exams, if necessary, at Iowa County cost. I understand that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the employer.

    Acknowledgment to Voluntarily Submit to Pre-Employment Physical and Drug Test

    I, the undersigned, as a term of condition of possible employment with Iowa County hereby voluntarily consent to a Pre-Employment Physical Examination and Drug Test. I recognize my employment is dependent, among other things, upon passing all such tests to the exclusive satisfaction of Iowa County. Iowa County shall keep all results confidential recognizing that such information may be disseminated to certain individuals within the company needing to have such information.

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  14. It is the policy of Iowa County to provide equal treatment to all Iowa County employees and applicants for Iowa County employment without regard to race, color, religion, political affiliation, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, age, mental or physical disability, marital status, except as bona fide occupational qualifications may require otherwise. This policy applies to all Human Resources actions and procedures including, but not limited to: recruitment, selection, training, compensation, benefit programs, promotion, demotion, transfer and termination of employment.