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Environmental Health

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Sherry Lutz

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IA County Environmental

Director's Office 901 Court Ave.

Marengo, IA 52301

Mailing Address
970 Court Ave.
Marengo, Iowa 52301

Office hours vary, please call for an appointment.

Duties and Responsibilities of Environmental Health

Iowa County Environmental Health Department serves the citizens of Iowa County and is governed by the Iowa County Board of Health.

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life for the rural communities in Iowa County and protect the public from health hazards and environmental contamination. Our office covers septic permits, well permits, Grants to Counties programs for private well water testing, well plugging’s and well rehabilitation. Pool, tanning and tattoo inspections as well as nuisance and other environmental complaints. 

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Environmental Health Office


CIOWTS Certified Contractors
Private Onsite Septic System Permit
Contractor Information/Requirements
Private Well/ Water Information
Nuisance Information
Swimming Pool/Spa Inspections
Tanning bed inspections
Tattoo facility inspections
OSWAP information
Radon test kits