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Emergency Medical Services

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Adam Rabe

Office Holder


Emergency Medical Services
355 W. Lucas Street

Marengo, Iowa 52301


(319) 741-6105


(319) 741-6110

The Emergency Medical Services will ensure prompt, effective, and unimpeded service to all residents and visitors of the County. 

About the Emergency Medical Services

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If you have any Ambulance billing questions, please call (877) 882-9911

Iowa County EMS provides ambulance service to all 576 square miles of Iowa County. paramedic staffed ambulances based in Marengo and Williamsburg respond to over 1600 requests annually. 

Two ambulances are staffed 24/7 and two additional ambulances are available for special events and during peak call volumes. 


Ambulances are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment including:

CPAP, 12-Lead EKG, Mechanical CPR, and End Tidal CO2 Monitoring.

In addition to providing ambulance service Iowa County EMS also provides:

Administrative support for eight First Responder Teams, CPR Training, Injury Prevention Education Career Days, On Site EMS/First Aid for special events,

To schedule CPR training or other event call 319-741-6105.


Iowa County is fortunate to have First Responder Teams located throughout the county to offer medical assistance until the ambulance arrives. First Responder Teams are located in: North English, Parnell, Millersburg, Williamsburg, Ladora, Victor, Amana Colonies, Kinze Manufacturing, Iowa County EMS System Mission to coordinate, develop, improve, and maintain a comprehensive and dynamic emergency medical servies system to prevent and reduce premature death and disability. Iowa County EMS system Vision