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Iowa County Iowa - Public Health

 Iowa County Iowa - Public Health

Mission Statement

The Iowa County Health Department strives to demonstrate leadership and coordination in health care management by providing preventative, community and home care services to our county.

Agency Description
Services Available
Public Health Services

Iowa County Public Health Contact

Public Health Office

185 W Dillin St. Suite 1 
Marengo, Iowa 52301

Monday - Friday 8:00 pm - 4:00 pm
An RN is on call 24/7
after hours, holidays, and weekends. Call (319) 741-6422

Phone number: (319) 741-6422
Fax number: (319) 741-6424

Nurse Administrator:Trista Schaffner, RN

 Deputy Nurse Administrator: Cindy Root, RN

 Public Health Nurse: Cara Jack, RN

 Financial Administrator/HCA

Service Manager: Amy Tapken

 Administrative Assistant- Emilie Brecht

 Home Care Aide: Mandi Becker

 Home Care Aide: Brittni Lillie

 Home Care Aide: Lisa Rhinehart