Animal Bites

My animal bit someone, now what?

  • If your pet is not current on vaccinations, call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment.
  • Quarantine the animal to your home for 10 days following the incident (keep the animal at your home, leash/tie out when outdoors)
  • DO NOT rehome, dump or kill the animal.
  • Monitor the animal for any changes in behavior or health. If you notice any changes contact your veterinarian immediately and then contact Iowa County Public Health.
  • Iowa County Public Health will call or text to check in with you about your animal’s well-being, answer these calls or texts.
  • If you do not answer the calls or texts from Public Health, local law enforcement will contact you.
  • Public Health needs to know that the animal is alive and healthy throughout the 10-day quarantine, this is so the victim can be made aware if there are any concerns for rabies. Rabies shots are expensive and become the owner’s responsibility to pay for.