Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Vehicles

How can we pay vehicle registrations?
Do I have to have an appointment?
If paying registration online, where can I find my PIN?
Can I put a vehicle title into someone else’s name?
How do I get a replacement title?
How do I order personalized/vanity license plates?
How do I get a salvage title vehicle inspected?
Questions about abandoned vehicles?

Property Tax

When are property taxes due?
How can we pay taxes?
When do I receive my property tax billing/statement?
Where can I find my receipt number to pay taxes online?
Where do I file for homestead credit?
What is the penalty if property taxes are paid late?
What and when is a tax sale?

Driver's License

When can I renew my driver’s license?
How much will my license cost?
I lost my driver's license, how can I get a new one?
How much will an ID cost?
I got my license renewed but the expiration only shows it’s good for one month?
Can I schedule a driving test?
What is the phone and fax number to the DOT?
What does my child need to take their permit test?
How does my child get a school permit?
My child drives to their other parent's house every other week. Can we put two addresses on their school permit?
I’m 16, what do I need to do to get my license?
I’m 17, what do I need to do to get my full license?