Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Can an independent vote in a primary election?
Can I get a new ballot if I make a mistake or lose my ballot?
Can I vote for someone that is not on the ballot?
Do I have to vote for everything on the ballot?
How do I request a voter list?
If I change my mind on who I want to vote for after I have returned my ballot, can I get a new one?
If I chose a party do I have to vote for all of their candidates?
What if I don't have an ID?
What is Voter ID?
Where do I vote?


Can a homeless person register to vote?
Can I update my voter registration over the phone?
Can someone with a previous felony conviction vote?
Do I have to register to vote for every election?
How do I update my address?
I just registered and received a card in the mail but there is a mistake on it; what do I do now?
I registered as an independent; why does my card say "NP" or "No Party"?


Can I pick up or request a ballot for someone else?
Can I request an absentee ballot by email or fax?
Can I use power of attorney to request a ballot for my spouse, child or parent?
Can someone else return my absentee ballot for me?
Do absentee ballots even get counted?
Do I need to sign the return envelope of my absentee ballot?
What is the last day I can turn in my absentee ballot?

Election Day

Can I get help marking my ballot?
Can I register to vote on Election Day?
Can I take my absentee ballot to the polls on Election Day and vote there?
Do I need to show ID to vote?
I am already registered but my information needs updated; can I do that on Election Day?
I can't get out of my car; can someone bring me a ballot to vote from there?
I lost my absentee ballot; can I just go vote on Election Day?
What do I need to bring with me to vote?
What if I lost my ID or forgot to take one with me to the polls?
What if I'm still waiting in line when the polls close?
What is a provisional ballot?