Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office has a zero tolerance policy for an incident of rape, sexual assault or sexual misconduct, and makes every effort to comply with applicable components of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003.

The prevention of rape, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct is a top priority to protect the safety of the public, by releasing inmates into the community who have not been sexually assaulted while in custody, to protect public health from sexually transmitted diseases that inmates may contract while in custody, for the protection of inmate rights, conditions of confinement, and to ensure safe, secure and orderly operations of the Iowa County Jail.

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office does not condone nor tolerate any type of inmate rape, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, consensual sexual contact, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment toward any inmate(s). The Iowa County Jail aggressively pursues any criminal acts, complaints, and suspicions of sexual misconduct, up to and including prosecution under the Iowa Code.

How to Report

Inmates can report incidents of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, retaliation by inmates/staff for making a report; and staff neglect or violation of responsibilities that may have contributed to sexual abuse or sexual harassment in the following ways:

  1. National Sex Abuse Hotline | 1-800-656-4673
  2. Iowa Sex Abuse Hotline | 1-800-284-7821
  3. S.A.N.E & S.A.F.E Local Hotline | 1-800-270-1620
  4. Verbal or in writing to any jail staff member


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